Latkovski sisters win national dance competition!

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Two “Crusade kids” Gracie and Quincy Latkovski won a national dance award! Here at the details from

Two sisters won the Jamfest Dance Super Nationals this past weekend in Covington, Kentucky. That’s pretty cool, but their story gets even better. Gracie Latkovski, 9, has cerebral palsy and cystic fibrosis, and dances in a wheelchair. Her older sister, Quincy, started the performance in a wheelchair, then she stood up and twirled around the stage with Gracie to the song “Reflections.” They won out over 4500 dancers from around the country.

Congratulations to Graci and Quincy!

Here’s more of their story here.

And still more here here on Yahoo!

Watch their heart-warming performance

This video from the 2013 WHAS Crusade for Children is skyrocketing with views on YouTube:

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