Crusade special airs tonight 6:30pm

A special television program entitled “WHAS Crusade for Children: Building the Future” will air from 6:30pm to 8:00pm Saturday, December 15 on WHAS11 television. The program will highlight the Crusade’s Endowment fund. WHAS11’s Melissa Swan and 84WHAS radio’s Terry Meiners will serve as hosts.


The WHAS Crusade for Children, established in 1954 by WHAS-TV, raises money for agencies, schools and hospitals to make life better for children with special needs.

Since 1954, the Crusade has raised more than $148 million, giving critical assistance to millions of children in 120 Kentucky and 50 Southern Indiana counties.

The money donated in Kentucky stays in Kentucky and, likewise, money donated in Indiana stays in Indiana. No money is sent to any other national charity or organization.

The Crusade returns 100% of each donation to agencies that directly improve the lives of children with special needs.

The WHAS Crusade for Children Endowment fully funds the Crusade’s future.

It guarantees that 100% of the Crusade’s annual telethon collections continue to go directly to agencies that help children with special needs.

It ensures that millions more children will be helped for decades to come.

Beyond your annual contribution, the Crusade needs your Endowment donation now. To change a child’s life forever, support the WHAS Crusade Endowment.



  • 100% of each donation goes directly to help children with special needs
  • The Crusade has raised more than $148 million since 1954
  • Millions of children have been helped by the Crusade
  • The Crusade collects an average of $5 million annually; that allows the Crusade to fund just one-third of its annual grant requests
  • The Crusade helps children in all 120 Kentucky counties and 50 Southern Indiana counties
  • An independent panel of interdenominational clergy allocates Crusade donations
  • Firefighters raise nearly 60% of the Crusade’s annual donations
  • The Crusade is seen and heard on Kentucky’s statewide network of Internet, radio and television outlets during the Crusade telethon which takes place on the first full weekend in June


  • The Endowment fully funds the Crusade’s future
  • The Endowment guarantees that children with special needs will be helped for decades to come

You can donate NOW!

Click here to make a donation to the WHAS Crusade for Children securely online.

Dear Crusade friends,

During this holiday season we are reminded of reasons to give thanks and express gratitude. This year, YOU helped make sure the Lawson family celebrates the most precious gift of all, the birth of their daughter, Aubrey. Little Aubrey was born weighing a little over 2 pounds and needed a lot of help. Thanks to everyone’s generosity to the WHAS Crusade for Children she received the care needed for a truly happy ending. Aubrey is now home and doing well! THANK YOU!!

Watch Aubrey’s amazing life-changing story

This is just one story of many that have happened this year as a result of your contributions. For decades, you have made it possible for the Crusade to help millions of children. In the coming year the WHAS Crusade for Children will achieve a milestone – 60 years of making life better for children who have special needs! In the tradition of the Crusade, thousands will come together to celebrate. For this special anniversary year, the Crusade for Children has set a goal to raise $6 million.

$60 for the 60th

With this goal, there is a challenge. It is our hope that this year you will donate $60 for the 60th! If everyone does, 2013 will be a memorable year. The Crusade’s history is based on many people giving a little bit. For the 60th, if everyone gives $60, the Crusade will reach new heights. Please add a few dollars to your gift to honor 60 years of helping children.

In 2012, your generosity allowed the Crusade to award grants to nearly 200 agencies, schools and hospitals that help children with special needs across Kentucky and Southern Indiana. As you prepare for the holidays, please remember Aubrey and other children with special needs and make a year-end contribution to the Crusade.

There are many ways you can give:

  • Click here to make a donation securely online
  • Send your check or charge information in an envelope to the Crusade Office
  • Become a Crusade Angel through monthly automatic deductions
  • Purchase a Walk of Fame brick for that hard-to-buy-for person on your list
  • Donate appreciated stock, life insurance policies or other non-cash property
  • Consider including the Crusade in your will or through a bequest

For more information:

Call: (502) 582-7706

WHAS Crusade for Children
520 W. Chestnut St.
Louisville, KY 40202

The children served by the Crusade are truly an inspiration and heroes to all of us. Thank you for being a champion for these children. As you enter into the holidays, may your life be full of blessings.


Dawn Lee
President & CEO

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